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29 March 2016

This year our new venue has allowed us a huge expansion of the Games we will be able to host. Whilst at the old Kelham Hall venue we were limited to perhaps 26 or 27 games, the Showground will allow us to display more than 50 of the finest games on the show circuit.

These will be split into two zones – a demonstration game zone and a participation game zone so that all your gaming needs will be satisfied. Bring your camera and be inspired - the light is much better now to capture the fine detail on show!

The following clubs, companies and individuals have kindly offered to put on these great games at this year’s Partizan.

Games 2019

Company Game Type
1st Corps 28mm WW2 - Arnhem Breakout Demonstration Game
Barnsley Association of Wargamers 28mm VBCW - The Trumpton Riots Demonstration Game
Boondock Sayntes 28mm Afghanistan 1919 - De Havilland Down Demonstration Game
Bramley Barn Wargames Group 28mm Irish Rebellion - Wilsons Hospital 1798 Demonstration Game
Chesterfield Old Boys 28mm Peninsular Wars Demonstration Game
Chesterfield Open Gaming Society 28mm Walking Dead - Highway to Hell Participation Game
Derby Wargames Society 28mm Williamite Wars in Ireland Demonstration Game
Doncaster Wargames Society Riot : The Brexit Years Participation Game
Dr Mike Salwey Dr Mikes Painting Clinic Participation Game
Durham Wargames Group 28mm Ancients - Battle of Asculum 279BC Demonstration Game
Forest of Dean Gamers North Africa 1941 Chain of Command Demonstration Game
Forest Outlaws 15mm WW2 - Battle of Breville 1944 Demonstration Game
Gothenburg Gamers 28mm Cold War - Bay of Pigs Demonstration Game
Grantham Strategy Club Discworld Witch Racing Participation Game
Great Escape Games 15mm Cold War - Seven Days to the River Rhine Participation Game
Harrogate Wargames Club 28mm Romano-British - Infamy Infamy Participation Game
Iron Brigade 28mm Sudan Demonstration Game
KB Club Manoeuvore Group 144th WW2 Participation Game
KB Club Accelerate & Attack Sci Fi Starship Combat - Elenthnar Clash Participation Game
Lancaster Wargames Society 28mm Napoleonic - The Forgotten Stronghold Participation Game
League of Augsburg TBA Demonstration Game
Leeds Night Owls 15mm Team Yankee - Golan Heights Participation Game
Leicester Phat Cats Blood and Plunder - 28mm Pirates Participation Game
Like A Stonewall Wargames Group 2omm WW2 - The USMC attack on Pelelui airfield 1944 Participation Game
Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare 28mm Fantasy - The Valley of Death Participation Game
Mr Colin Worley Map Game - Capture of Limale Bridge Participation Game
Mr Dale Yates 28mm Border Reivers Demonstration Game
Mr Dave Imrie & Mr Jack Glanville 28mm Medievals - The Battle of Harlaw 1411 Demonstration Game
Mr Simon Miller 28mm Ancients - The Battle of Mancetter 61AD Demonstration Game
Mr Simon Miller and Friends 54mm English Civil War Demonstration Game
Mr Steve Jones 28mm American War of Independence Demonstration Game
North Star Saga - Age of Magic Participation Game
Northampton Battlefield Society 28mm Wars of the Roses - Battle of Edgcote 1469 Demonstration Game
Nottingham Wargames Club 1/700th Midway 1942 Participation Game
Peterborough Wargames Club 15mm WW2 - Bloody Omaha Participation Game
RAF Cranwell Wargames Club 28mm WW2 - Arnhem We Came By Glider Participation Game
RAF Wargames Association 38 minutes to save the world - Can you defend the Stargate? Participation Game
RAWGamers 28mm Sudan - They dont like it up em. Demonstration Game
Ribble Warriors Blood and Plunder - 28mm Pirates Participation Game
Sheffield and Rotherham Wargames Club Cruel Seas - WW2 Naval Demonstration Game
Sheffield and Rotherham Wargames Club Napoleons Wars Participation Game
The Spilsby Clubmen 28mm WW2 Western Desert Demonstration Game
Too Fat Lardies 28mm WW2 - Holland Participation Game
Very British Parlour Forum 28mm VBCW - The Six Five Special Over the Points Demonstration Game
Victorious Miniatures Boxer Rebellion - 55 Minutes in Peking Participation Game
Warlord Games 28mm Ancients - SPQR Demonstration Game
Westbury Wargames 28mm 18th Century - The Battle of Madonna Dell Olmo 1744 Demonstration Game
Wings of Glory Aerodrome Sails of Glory - 1/1000 Napoleonic Naval Participation Game
Wings of Glory Aerodrome Wings of Glory - WW1 Fighters Participation Game

Society Stands 2019

Lance and Longbow Society
National Civil War Centre
Northampton Battlefield Society
Pike and Shot Society
Society of Ancients
The Battlefields Trust
The Gaming Club Network
The Naseby Project
Usborne History Books for Children

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