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Games 2020

Company Game Type
All Hell Let Loose 6mm WW2 - Arnhem - Graebner’s Charge Challenge Participation Game
Barnsley Association of Wargamers 28mm American Plains Wars Participation Game
Battlefront Gaming Club 15mm Flames of War Stalingrad - Sniper Attack Participation Game
Blitzkrieg Miniatures 28mm WW2 - Soviet Storm Participation Game
Boondock Sayntes 28mm Indian Colonial - The Battle of Dieg, 13th November 1804 Demonstration Game
Bramley Barn Wargames Group 28mm Napoleonics - Battle of Raszyn April 1809 Demonstration Game
Burton and District Wargamers 28mm American Civil War Demonstration Game
Caseshot Publishing 15mm Napoleonics - Battle of Villamuriel, 25th October 1812 Demonstration Game
Chesterfield Old Boys 54mm Zulu Wars - Attack on the Hospital at Rourkes Dift 1879 Participation Game
Chesterfield Open Gaming Society Walking Dead - Route 66: Survival of the Meanest Participation Game
Contemptible Little Wargames Club 28mm Black Powder - D’Erlon’s Attack on the Ridge Demonstration Game
Derby Wargames Society 20mm WW2 - 1942 Eastern Front Demonstration Game
Disturbed Earth Games Dark Age Skirmish - Odins Pyre Participation Game
Doncaster Wargames Society 28mm Modern Skirmish - NIMROD - The Iranian Embassy Siege Participation Game
Dr Mike Salwey Dr Mikes Painting Clinic Participation Game
Durham Wargames Group 28mm Dark Ages - Viking raid on Holy Island Demonstration Game
Earlswood Wargames Group 28mm WW2 - Normandy 1944 Demonstration Game
Fix Bayonets 28mm WW2 - Operation Sealion Demonstration Game
Forest of Dean Gamers France 1940 - Chain of Command Demonstration Game
Forest Outlaws 28mm American War of Inependence Demonstration Game
Geek Villain Gaming Group 28mm Ancients Skirmish - Mortal Gods Demonstration Game
Gothenburg Gamers 28mm Franco-Prussian War Demonstration Game
Grantham Strategy Club 1/100 Modern Air Combat - Down In Flames Participation Game
Great Escape Games 15mm Cold War - Seven Days to the River Rhine Participation Game
Great War Miniatures 28mm WW2 Demonstration Game
Great Yarmouth Good Old Boys 25mm Skirmish - Cowboys vs Aryans Participation Game
Grimsby Wargames Society 10mm WW2 - Retreat to the Dneiper 1943 Demonstration Game
Harrogate Wargames Club 28mm Romano-British - Romans take on Ancient Britons on the borders of the Empire 1st Century AD. Participation Game
Helion and Company In Deo Veritas 17th Century rules - Herbsthausen 1645 Demonstration Game
Iron Brigade 28mm WW2 Pacific Demonstration Game
Jemima Fawrs Wargames Blog 15mm Cold War African - The Cassinga Raid, Angola 1978 Demonstration Game
Kallistra 12mm Imjin War - Japanese Invasion of Korea 1592 - 1598 Demonstration Game
KB Club 144th Science Fiction Participation Game
KB Club Manoeuvore Group 144th Moderns Participation Game
Lance & Longbow Society 15mm Medieval Demonstration Game
League of Augsburg TBA Demonstration Game
Leeds Night Owls 15mm Team Yankee - Defence of Lower Saxony Participation Game
Like A Stonewall Wargames Group 28mm South Amercian Wars Demonstration Game
Lincoln Miniature Warfare Society 28mm Reconquista - Battle of Cutanda, June 1120 Demonstration Game
Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare 28mm In Her Majestys Name - The Thompsons Warehouse Affair Participation Game
Mr Chris Barnes 28mm Chain of Command Participation Game
Mr Dale Yates 40mm Arthurian - Wrath of Arthur Demonstration Game
Mr James Morris/Lenton Gamers 28mm First Age Tolkein - The Silmarillion Demonstration Game
Mr Simon Miller 28mm Ancients To The Strongest - Battle of Ipsus 301BC Demonstration Game
Mr Steve Jones 28mm American War of Independence - Battle of Freemans Farm Demonstration Game
Newark Irregulars 28mm Medieval - Battle of Otterburn 1388 Demonstration Game
North Hull Wargames Club 28mm Ancients - Battle of Zama 202BC Demonstration Game
Nottingham Wargames Club 28mm English Civil War - The Pikeman Laments the Loss of His Strumpet Participation Game
Old Guard Wargames Club 10mm Fantasy Participation Game
Old Pikeys Gaming Group 28mm WW2 - Ardennes 1944 Demonstration Game
Peterborough Wargames Club Science Fiction participation - The Battle for Earth Participation Game
RAF Wargames Association 28mm Vikings - Raiding Under a Raven Banner Participation Game
Ribble Warriors 35mm Fantasy - Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings Demonstration Game
Sheffield and Rotherham Wargames Club 28mm Zulu Wars - A Thousand of Them! Participation Game
Shrewsbury Wargames Club 28mm 7 Years War - Unbekanntes Stadt Demonstration Game
The Glass Blowers Sons 40mm AWI - The Road to Monmouth Demonstration Game
The Old Guard 28mm Napoleonics - Battle of Utitza 1812 Demonstration Game
Too Fat Lardies 28mm Ancients - Infamy! Infamy! Rules - Julius Caesar in a British Marsh 54BC Demonstration Game
Very British Civil Forum 28mm VBCW - Battle of North Coker – The Revenge Demonstration Game
Victorious Miniatures Boxer Rebellion - 55 Minutes in Peking Participation Game
Wargames Developments Napoleon’s 1812 campaign in 10 minutes Participation Game
Warlord Games TBA Participation Game
Westbury Wargames 28mm Eastern Renaissance - Battle of St Gotthard 1664 Demonstration Game
Wings of Glory Aerodrome Sails of Glory - 1/1000 Napoleonic Naval Participation Game
Wings of Glory Aerodrome Wings of Glory - WW1 Fighters Participation Game

Society Stands 2020

Lance and Longbow Society
National Civil War Centre
Northampton Battlefield Society
Pike and Shot Society
Society of Ancients
The Battlefields Trust
The Naseby Project

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