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Wargames Calender 2020

Closing dates for competition entries are in blue

Underlined dates in green are already confirmed for 2020

All events are checked in person where possible but thanks goes to the BHGS in the UK and the NASAMW and various HMGS chapters in the US for some of the information on competition and convention dates. Other sites worthy of note that contribute to the maintenance of these pages include Dadi e Piombo in Italy and Fédération Française de Jeu d’Histoire in France

If you would like further information on and notification of forthcoming wargames events then why not join the Wargames Clubs newsgroup at yahoo Groups

If you know of any further details of these events or would like to add a show to the calendar please contact me

United Kingdom and Ireland


  • January 21
    Event Location Date
    13ème Festival des Jeux de Villefranche sur Saône Villefranche sur Saône, France 11th-12th January View Website
    La Ligue des Légendes - SAGA-Tournoi Paris, France 11th-12th January View Website
    Flames of War Yverdon Yverdon, Switzerland 11th January View Website
    Oldenburger Ealdormen SAGA-Turnier Oldenburg, Germany 11th January View Website
    Torneo Madrid FoW Madrid, Spain 12th January View Website
    Torneo Akra Leuka AdlG Alicante, Spain 18th-19th January View Website
    Im Schatten Yggdrasils SAGA-Turnier Anzing, Germany 18th January View Website
    Holmgang SAGA-Turnier Stolberg, Germany 18th January View Website
    Ourense Tornio FoW Ourense. Spain 18th January View Website
    IWC 2020 Tournament
    Brussels, Belgium 18th-19th January No Website
    Week-end des Nerviens Templemars, France 18th-19th January View Website
    Tournoi DBA : Les 2eme Joutes Abraysiennes Saint Jean De Braye, France 19th January View Website
    Szenario Bad Kreuznach, Germany 24th-26th January View Website
    Wintergewitter Bolt Action Tournament Oberndorf, Austria 25th January View Website
    Bilbao Torneo FoW Bilbao, Spain 25th January View Website
    Salamanca Torneo FoW Salamanca, Spain 25th-29th January View Website
    Torneio ADLG - Era of the Crusades Lisbon, Portugal 25th January View Website
    Operation Polar Bear 4. Team Yankee Tournament
    Reykjavik, Iceland 25th-26th January View Website
    Populatio MMXX. SAGA Tournament Erlangen, Germany 25th-26th January View Website
    Kiepencon Munster, Germany 26th January View Website
    Swabian Open DBM
    Gomaringen, Germany 31st-2nd January View Website
  • February 21
    Event Location Date
    Convention Multijeux des Walkyries Wavrin, France 1st-2nd February View Website
    Small Melee Occitanie SAGA-Tournoi Toulouse, France 1st February View Website
    12ème Convention Germanicus
    Chaniers, France 1st-2nd February View Website
    Poldercon Utrecht, Holland 2nd February View Website
    Joutes des Remparts Selestat, France 8th February View Website
    WarCon 2020 Merelbeke, Belgium 8th February View Website
    Bolt Action Swiss Championships St Gallen, Switzerland 9th February View Website
    FIW Roma 2020 AdlG Tournament Rome, Italy 15th-16th February View Website
    1st Es rommelt in der Scheune Bolt Action Turnier Bergheim - Glesch, Germany 15th February View Website
    Les rencontres vintage DBM St Jean De Braye, France 15th-16th February View Website
    Tactica Hamburg, Germany 15th-16th February View Website
    La Mêlée du Nord
    Aniche, France 15th-16th February View Website
    Torneo Bolt Action della Rocca di Confine Rome, Italy 16th February View Website
    International Festival de Jeux Cannes, France 21st-23rd February View Website
    Hispania Wargames Malaga, Spain 22nd-23rd February View Website
    Torneio ADLG - Pedroso Lisbon, Portugal 29th February View Website
    La Piccola Armata Tournament Turin, Italy 29th February View Website
    Ad Arma Bolt Action Combat Patrol Turnier Haßloch, Germany 29th February View Website
    Target Courtrai! 2020 FoW Kortrijk, Belgium 29th February View Website
    Offensive d’Hiver des Grognards
    Lingolsheim, France 28th-1st March View Website
    La Charge En Ligne Paris, France 29th-1st March View Website
  • March 11
    Event Location Date
    Tournoi Black Seas à Lille Lille, France 1st March View Website
    Montreux Miniatures Show Montreux, Switzerland 7th-8th March View Website
    Trophée Hugues Capet DBA Tournoi Noyon, France 8th March View Website
    Le Mans en Guerre Team Yankee Tournoi Le Mans, France 8th March View Website
    Pamplona ADLG Torneo
    Pamplona, Spain 14th-15th March View Website
    Italian Team DBMM Championships Milan, Italy 14th-15th March View Website
    Les Murmures de Morrigane II Tournoi Kings of War Historique Sancergues, France 21st-22nd March View Website
    The Green Knight Wargaming Club - Bolt Action tournament Brugge, Belgium 21st March View Website
    Austrian Salute Oberndorf, Austria 21st March View Website
    Journées Figurines et Jeux Sartrouville, France 28th-29th March View Website
    Tournoi de Villefontaine AdLG
    Villefontaine, France 28th-29th March View Website
  • April 17

    Event Location Date
    DBMM Stoertebeker Cup Baltrum, Germany 3rd-5th April View Website
    Tournoi Normand de Montivilliers Montivilliers, France 4th-5th April View Website
    32 ème Après-midi DBA
    Asnieres, France 4th April View Website
    Red Lion Games Convention Braunschweig, Germany 4th-5th April View Website
    Flames of War Limburg Diepenbeek, Belgium 4th April View Website
    Gothcon Gothenburg, Sweden 10th-12th April View Website
    Scheunensaga SAGA-Turnier Bergheim-Glesch, Germany 11th April View Website
    2nd Es rommelt in der Scheune Bolt Action Turnier Bergheim - Glesch, Germany 12th April View Website
    Rote Schilde SAGA-Turnier Oberndorf, Germany 14th-18th April View Website
    FoW German Nationals Heiligenhaus, Germany 18th-19th April View Website
    Do or Dice Rendsburg, Germany 18th April View Website
    5ème tournoi de Printemps AdLG
    Eysines, France 18th-19th April View Website
    13th Bolt Action Turnier der IG Bad Oldesloe, Germany 18th-19th April View Website
    Torneo di Bassano del Grappa AdlG Bassano del Grappa, Italy 25th-26th April View Website
    Art de la Guerre German Open Braubach, Germany 25th-26th April View Website
    Torneio ADLG - Atoleiros Lisbon, Portugal 25th April View Website
    19th Conflict SAGA-Tournoi Gelrode, Belgium 26th April View Website
  • May 6

    Event Location Date
    1st SAGA Slugfest Lisbon, Portugal 2nd-3rd May View Website
    Ad Arma Con Meckenheim, Germany 9th May View Website
    CONflict Langenfeld, Germany 16th-17th May View Website
    Convention Carcaienne AdLG Limetz-Villez, France 16th-17th May View Website
    1st Athens International Mortem et Gloriam World Championships Athens, Greece 23rd-24th May View Website
    Convention de la Côte Basque
    Hendaye, France 30th-31st May View Website
  • June 8

    Event Location Date
    Torneio ADLG - Sao Mamede Lisbon, Portugal 6th June View Website
    Levée en Masse Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France 6th-7th June View Website
    Figz Arnhem, Netherlands 7th June View Website
    AdLG World Individual Championship
    Patras, Greece 19th-21st June View Website
    Mortem et Gloriam et Blindes Saumur, France 20th-21st June View Website
    Tournois de Saumur
    Saumur, France 20th-21st June View Website
    DizzCon Dortmund, Germany 23rd-21st June View Website
    8eme Tournoi du Mons AdlG Hainaut, Belgium 27th-28th June View Website
  • July 3

    Event Location Date
    AJSP Open Day
    Lisbon, Portugal 28th June View Website
    Torneio ADLG - Ourique Lisbon, Portugal 11th July View Website
    Table Topia Aschaffenburg, Germany 18th-19th July View Website
  • August 2

    Event Location Date
    Flames of War ESC Luxembourg 5th-6th August View Website
    NiederrheinCon Wesel, Germany 21st-23rd August View Website
  • September 3

    Event Location Date
    Lusitania Challenge - ADLG
    Lisbon, Portugal 5th-6th September View Website
    Rhein-Main-Multiversum Nidderau, Germany 12th-13th September View Website
    Frontika AdlG Tournament Auzielle, France 19th-20th September View Website
  • October 2

    Event Location Date
    Spiel Essen, Germany 22nd-25th October View Website
    Trophée Azincourt 28mm DBA Azincourt, France 25th October View Website
  • November 2

    Event Location Date
    Crisis Antwerp, Belgium 7th November View Website
    Torneio ADLG - Restauração Lisbon, Portugal 28th November View Website
  • December 0

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