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ACCESS and SETUP arrangements
Please note for EVERYONE, we will be using the Blue gate access via the runway, rather than the normal Green gate, for setup and all day on Sunday. This is due to a large camping festival on the rest of the site which will be fenced off. So, turn off just after the roundabout, as per maps below and we will have additional signage to make this clear. Setup will be available on Saturday afternoon, traders can bring vans onto the floor from 2pm to 4pm, we suggest gamers aim for the 4pm-6pm slot by which time we aim to set up the games tables. On Sunday we will restrict parking by the hall itself to trade and Blue Badge holders, main parking will be on the runway.
Showground Blue Gate Showground Plan 17-19 August 2018

Welcome To Partizan

Followers of Partizan will know that we don't like to boast about the shows, we prefer to let them sell themselves. Hence the often understated advertising. We could, for example, claim to be 'the best show in Nottinghamshire', or 'probably the best one day show in the world', but we'd rather you came along and made your own mind up. If you want to know how good the games are look through some back issues of 'Wargames Illustrated', 'Battlegames' or 'WSS'. If you want to know what the show is like, ask one of the listed traders how they rate it compared to other shows. Or ask a wargamer who knows....

And if you're reading this from somewhere that we English would call 'abroad', isn't it time for that trip to England?

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